I love a good sock. A good, comfy, sexy, stylish, fun sock. Whether I am getting dressed for a black tie event or popping on a comfortable pair before I slip on my cycling shoes to get my workout in, I want a bit of my personality to show no matter what I am doing. Back in the day when my wife and I were planning our wedding, I knew I wanted a fun pair of socks to peek out from under my suit pants whenever I was sitting or dancing. I donned a pair with a playful design and matched our wedding colors and my wife’s fuchsia pink shoes. If I hadn’t had chosen those, I definitely would have gone in the pride direction. Something to showcase my LGBTQ+ pride in a fun and fabulous way.

Here are a few LGBTQ+ socks to add a bit of flair to your feet on your wedding day while showing your pride and, in many cases, give back to LGBTQ+ organizations that do such good for our community.

Photo: Bombas.com | Bombas Pride Calf Sock

Want a comfy sock and not sure what type of rainbow design you might want to sport on your wedding day? Or maybe you want to wear a pair and give your wedding attendants a pair, too. Bombas has a great pride calf sock 4-pack you can snag to give you a few options.

Bombas socks are super comfortable and hold up really well. The calf sock stays nicely in place when pulled up to show the design and with their honeycomb midfoot support, they provide comfort in all the right places. I’m definitely a Bombas fan after I purchased several of the pride socks this year.

And remember, as always with Bombas purchases, one purchased equals one donated to those experiencing homelessness.

Price: $45.60 (Pack of 4)


Any time I can support something I am passionate about with a purchase, I’m all in. This is why I am a big fan of Conscious Step. Conscious Step is a sock company committed to social and environmental change. Every part of their production process supports farms and factories with fair wages, safe facilities and sustainable materials.

With their “socks that save LGBTQ+ lives” you can rock your LGBTQ+ pride and support The Trevor Project at the same time with your purchase. Their three-pack features purple, maroon and bright blue socks with a rainbow flag embroidered on the side. If you’re looking for a more simple, solid-color sock for your special day, but want to make sure you show the rainbow flag in some way within your outfit, this might be perfect for you.

Price: $39.95 (Pack of 3)


Photo: ConsciousStep.com | Socks That Save LGBTQ Lives
Photo: TomboyX | Rainbow Pride Strips

Sometimes there is no point in being subtle. Flaunt that rainbow out in the open. It’s your damn wedding day! With TomboyX’s rainbow stripe sock you can show your LGBTQ+ pride vividly. Cut into your rainbow striped wedding cake while you stand proudly in your rainbow socks.

I’m fairly new to Tomboy X socks, but I can tell you this: their underwear are extremely comfortable and last a long time. Like butter on my cheeks with some fantastic designs. So I expect the same with their great socks.

Price: $16.50


For all our trans siblings or for those who want to show their support for the trans community or someone they love on their wedding day, for engagement photos, on their honeymoon, etc., I am loving these trans pride socks from Socksmith. With the simple banded design in the trans pride colors, they are everything to give your feet exactly what they need to show some trans pride on a special day.

With each purchase of Socksmith pride socks, they donate $1 to The Trevor Project as well. It always feels good to take a step in the right direction with our sock purchases, doesn’t it?

Price: $12


One small step for man, one giant step for LGBTQ+ pride. I’m loving these “Astropride” socks from Tipsy Elves. With a black or dark suit on another special event, it’d be understandable to keep your socks low-key and blend in with your suit pants, but I don’t recommend this on your wedding day. Channel your inner Neil Armstrong with your own little rainbow. Hike up those slacks and then do the moonwalk while you dance the night away. Fly that flag proudly!

Price: $11.95


These are just a few of the fun LGBTQ+ pride socks I’m loving these days. But come on back here soon! Next I’ll be featuring another roundup of amazing socks in super fun designs that go beyond the rainbow that I’m sportin’ on my feet lately. I’m always on the hunt for creative, comfortable socks perfect for your wedding day, engagement photoshoot, honeymoon, proposal day and beyond!