Kari and Melyssa had their engagement session at a Southern California valley. These two complement each another so well; their love is vibrant and full of life, which anyone can see through these engagement pictures. Both romantics, Melyssa describes their meeting as fate, and they had a relaxed day shooting with their photographer during magic hour.  




If I thought accepting the offer to “meet up sometime to play bocce ball or Frisbee…” would put me at the doorstep of my soulmate and truest love, I would have done that years ago! However, the two of us meeting each other happened exactly when fate and destiny said, “OK cupid, do your thing!” From the moment Kari stared at me through her front door peep hole, I held the sunflowers, nervously waiting for the door to open… and when it did, I knew she was the one I’d been waiting for my whole life. I am the short one and she is the tall beauty. Our lives have changed so much since then, both of us learning and experiencing how truly amazing life can be when you feel complete. The process of coming out to our own individual families in the past has resulted in mixed responses and feelings. However, since we have spent time with each other’s families, they’ve seen how incredibly happy we are with one another. 

For many, trying to describe strong emotions and/or feelings through word of mouth can be very difficult, so the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” best describes our engagement session. Our photographer, Carie, effortlessly captured our love and adoration for one another, as well as our fun and light-hearted sides! From the first meeting, Carie made both of us feel comfortable and relaxed as she prepped us with the photo shoot agenda.

We incorporated a lot of our ideas about how we wanted to convey our relationship through the lens, and received professional guidance and direction from her when we looked lost or needed to switch it up! We also made it a point to include our tattoos and our Jordan high tops, as those are some of our favorite things. We were able to enjoy the various locations of the photo shoot, and a quick wardrobe change in the car, so we could catch the fantastic light of the sun setting so magnificently in the background. The shots of both of us smiling ear to ear are my favorite because more times than not, my fiancé was whispering “something sexy” in my ear! Despite the many looks we got from others around the area where we had our pictures taken, likely because we are two women comfortably showing affection, the photography session was fantastic! We wouldn’t change a thing about our experience with Carie and her photographic talents, and now we are able to enjoy the wonderful photos with our family and friends for a lifetime!


Photography: Carie Cruz Pootography