stain-removal-tips-wedding-dayListen, stains happen to everyone. Especially when you’re nervous, which is a typical pre-wedding side effect. But not to worry! There’s always something you can do to stop your spill from turning into a stain-filled nightmare.

Before we do a quick stain rundown, keep some basic rules in mind. Don’t let the stain dry, as it’ll be much harder to remove. Never, ever wipe against the stain, always blot. Club soda does a lot more work than regular water. And finally, never underestimate the power of a Tide-to-Go pen. Seriously, it can work magic. Keeping that in mind, here are some protocols that will get you through the worst:

Coffee Soak up the excess fluid and dab both sides with a damp white cloth or paper towel. If the stain is more stubborn, try sprinkling some baking powder on the stain before dabbing.
Soak up excess. It may sound weird, but loading the stain up with salt can soak up extra liquid and color. Blot with club soda and wash as soon as possible.
Grease/Oil A quick fix is to sprinkle the stain with baby powder and let it dry out for a half hour. It’s best to then wash it in the hottest temperature it can stand as soon as possible.
Condiments Make sure to scrape off any excess material with the back side of a knife. Much like with wine, salt can be a huge help. Dab clean with club soda.
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Ryan Roschke is a contributing writer for Equally Wed, the nation’s premier gay and lesbian wedding magazine.

Photo: The Next Web/Flickr