Some Like it Hot

Summer is here and so is our Summer 2010 issue! All of us at Equally Wed are quite excited about our Summer issue. With features on real weddings, Duff Goldman from Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, makeup for us grooms and brooms, planning a green wedding, boudoir photography, honeymooning in Costa Rica and so much more, how could we not be excited? The summer offers so much for weddings. Hot? Yes, it may be. But the hustle and bustle and excitement that the summer brings adds so much to a special day.

some-like-it-hotWith the heat of the summer and our summer issue, this makes me drift back in memory to our launch party, just a week ago, on June 24th where the 95 degree heat here in Atlanta (EW’s headquarters) was something that could not be ignored when planning an outfit for the evening. Now, I chuckle a little when I write this as I did quite ignore it. Well, mock it, actually. I wore a black button down shirt, a black suit jacket with a fuschia pocket square and dark denim jeans. As the sun started to set around 8:00pm or so the air got a little cooler but it continued to make me question, just what exactly are OUR options for dressy attire on a ridiculously hot day? I joked with my wife that evening that feminine women have it easy. (Note: she likes to make me feel bad that feminine women have to “hurt” to look good sometimes as they slip on heels that should not be allowed on your worst enemy.) They can just throw on a cute, black (very limited in fabric) dress and step out into the melting heat. But really, what are the best options for us? If you feel like a short sleeve shirt just won’t do and you must wear a jacket to an event, is linen just our best option?

I want to hear your thoughts. Is linen always your pick in the summer months? Do you just suffer through the heat and hope your undershirt will soak up the embarrassment of a sweat stain? Drop us a comment below!