From the ring bearer to the best butch, suspenders offer a classy alternative to the suit jacket, tying your wedding party together. And like many midcentury classics, they are coming back full force in formal and casual settings. Here are some suspender style tips if you’re thinking of incorporating the look into your wedding day:


circle_1 Suspenders were originally meant to hold up high-waisted pants, so try pairing them with pants that sit further up.
circle_2 Never wear them with belts (or belt loops, if you can help it).
circle_3 If you want to step it up from the metal clasps, button-on braces are even classier and often made with nicer material. You can always sew buttons on your pants for them.
circle_4 A few of our favorite suspender sources are at Topman, H&M and American Apparel.



Photo: twobirdsnest.com, greenweddingshoes.com