It seems the wedding industry is jumping on the LGBT bandwagon, as rainbow is becoming one of the hottest trends for 2013 weddings. Instead of selecting one or two colors for their wedding palette, couples are incorporating ROYGBIV into their wedding day details, from the wedding party to the desserts.

I find it ironic that many vendors who haven’t worked with same-sex couples before assume that the décor must be rainbow and that they want triangles on their wedding bands (see my write-up on that observation here), because, you know, that’s the “gay” thing to do. (And look, now rainbow has become a trend—we’re always a step ahead, aren’t we?)

While we’ve certainly seen some fabulous rainbow designs in our Real Weddings (we love the decor from Anna and Hannah’s Hawaiian nuptials!), these assumptions are just one of the many frustrating aspects of planning a same-sex wedding and why we focus so much on featuring vendors who truly understand what couples look for when planning their big day, whether that be a gay pride palette, a nautical theme or a fancy black-and-white affair.

However I do love a good rainbow cake.

That being said, here are 10 fabulous rainbow cake designs to inspire you for your trendy wedding, your gay wedding or because they’re just so darn pretty.


How captivating is the cascading rainbow in floral and butterfly form on these two cakes? Perfect for those who want a small dose of the spectrum. 


The vibrant colors pop against the white fondant and are full of texture.


Who says you have to follow the weather-formed pattern? These two whimsical cakes, covered in rainbow sprinkles and dots, show other ways you can incorporate a multi-hue palette.


Add some geometrics to break up the colors, such as dainty swirls or bold hearts.


Simple but statement-making, the gorgeous design is complete with rainbow-hued toppers.


The ombre effect makes it feel like this rainbow cake was plucked straight from the sky.