April and Kat got married at the Dallas World Aquarium this March. The couple got engaged on Halloween 2015 and decided to get married in early March. Since they didn’t have a huge amount of time to plan their wedding, they made decisions based on their gut instincts. In the end, it came out perfectly. Their wedding was kid-friendly, laughter-infused and had minimal frills. They had a short and sweet ceremony that lasted around seven minutes. Their reception was filled with love and whole lot of dancing. 




We planned our wedding with the same motto I try to live by: keep it simple, stupid. We didn’t really have a theme, but we did end up using a logo with an infinity symbol. We just wanted to have a fun party for our family, and friends. A few items in our decor reflected our venue, the Dallas World Aquarium such as the cake and Kat’s socks. Our ceremony was a hodgepodge of various ceremonies and vows we found, modified, and pieced together. We passed on the unity ceremony, and decided to keep everything short and sweet. We had one reading, an excerpt of “Blessing for a Marriage” by James Dillet Freeman. The ceremony was officiated by our close friend from college.

Immediately after the ceremony, the guests were taken on a tour of the aquarium while we took photos. We were able to take photos with our guests as they finished their tour. It was nice to get photos with so many of our friends and family before the reception even began. Our reception was my favorite part of the entire day. Everyone was out on the dance floor at one point or another, even Kat’s great grandmother! My friend and I did our obligatory “Run, Joey, Run!” performance, a tradition that started in college.

The food was a big hit, especially the mashed potato bar, and mini s’mores bites. We kept the table decor very simple with my favorite color blue mixed in with silver.

I’m stealing this from my close friend’s father, but: the decision to get married is the most difficult part. Everything else is just a huge party, so just roll with it. In the end, all that really matters is that you’re married, and everyone has a good time.



Photographer: Pink Light Images 

Venue & catering: Dallas World Aquarium 

Cake Topper: Mudcards

Cake & Desserts: Layered Bake Shop