Even when putting a casual outfit together, like packing for a honeymoon, I look to high fashion for inspiration. The D&G Men’s collection for Summer 2010 caught my eye as it re-elaborates the classic cowboy wardrobe, taking it into a modern and metropolitan dimension.


Denim, the material we’re seeing in design everywhere, is matched with elegant velvet jackets, ties, bow ties and suede or leather boots, thus evoking a British cowboy, even with these sharp gray jeans.

This collection mixes and matches denim, street style and formal-wear with the irresistible nonchalance typical of the Brits, and combines it with a style reminiscent of the Old West.

For the ultimate in sexy masculinity, pair earth colors and burnt hues such as brown, cognac and beige with denim.

Image/Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana