Butch women in the U.K. no longer need to peruse the menswear aisle for stylish, comfortable clothing. The Butch Clothing Company, based in Brighton, was founded by Shaz Riley in August 2009.


Riley, a 44-year-old butch woman, tells The Guardian, “All those years of having to wear men’s clothes will be behind me now … If they have ever had to put up with negativity from people because of being butch, my clothes will give them the confidence to hold their heads up high.”

BCC is handmade with a focus on formalwear. Prices start at £240 for a suit, £75 for shirts, and £110 for waistcoats. She tells The Guardian, “Whatever you do to a man’s suit, a woman does not look right in it … men need loads more room in the crotch.” BCC is providing suits for Riley’s nuptials in spring 2011.

Now if we could just get them to open a shop in the United States…