J. Crew Arabelle gown

Ladies, I know this isn’t something we often talk about in public, but I am doing it anyway. One of my friend’s sister unexpectedly started her period on her wedding day last weekend, and it wasn’t pretty. My friend happened to notice the blood seeping through the back of the bride’s wedding dress during the couple’s first dance. This would be a nightmare for many of us on our wedding day.

Here’s the thing about Aunt Flo. Even if you are so regular you could bet money on the day you will start every month, she can sneak up and trick you when you’re stressed out, which, hello, who isn’t stressed at some point or another when planning their wedding?

When my friend spotted the growing stain, she immediately panicked. She scanned the room of onlookers and almost every guest had their eyes keenly set on the newlyweds’ faces. She waited for her sister to finish dancing with her new husband, and then went in for the assist. But before she got there, her sister sat down. Not what you want when you’re trying to save the dress from being further stained! She quickened her step, but not so much to cause any alarm. She whispered in her sister’s ear to come with her to the restroom.

This story has a happy ending: My friend was able to completely erase the blood stain on her sister’s silk chiffon J. Crew wedding gown with one single generic stain wipe found in her tiny bridal emergency kit that she also purchased from J. Crew, but is made by Ms. & Mrs. and sold around the web for $13. 


Moral of this story: Don’t forget your wedding-day survival kit. You never know when you might get a snag or start your period. And of course, make sure you or one of your close friends carries a few tampons or pads just in case.