gay-weddings-fashion-collar-staysTo many of us, a suit seems to include a smorgasbord of bells and whistles. Between tie bars, collar stays and cuff links, it’s easy for a guy or gal to get lost. Stick with these simple tips for the little details:

1) Choose a maximum of one “loud” piece. If you’re wearing a bright, printed tie, skip the color elsewhere.

2) Don’t be afraid to add a “pop.” A sleek silver tie bar can add a dash of flavor to a classic black and white look.

3) Avoid tie chains at all costs. Unless you want your wedding to look like a deleted scene from “Zoot Suit,” skip this outdated movement-restrainer.

4) A collar stay (pictured) is as important as an iron. Nothing is sloppier than a curled collar point. Skip the stress of pressing a collar with this quick fix.

5) Balance form and function. Most suit accessories were created for a practical purpose, so make sure you don’t double up on the same functionality. The perfect suit addition adds both comfort and pizzazz.


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