Whoever said wedding rings had to include metal or diamonds, or come with a hefty price tag? A wedding (or engagement) ring is a visual symbol of commitment, meaning there are no rules on how it “should” look, or how much it “should” cost. That’s where the silicone wedding ring comes in.

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Many people opt not to wear a wedding ring for several reasons, especially if it can be dangerous to their job. Construction workers, chefs, athletes and those with hands-on careers often choose to not wear a wedding to avoid the hazards. Unlike the traditional metal wedding and engagement rings, silicone wedding rings have give to them, meaning that although they can withstand around 19 pounds of pressure, your chances of injury would be significantly lower if your ring were to get caught on something since eventually it would snap and release your finger. Think back to Jimmy Fallon’s 10 day ICU stay for his wedding ring injury. Ring avulsion affects 150,000 people per year, and can end with the amputation of your finger. (Squeamish alert – don’t search ring avulsion on Google if you have a weak stomach.) Avoid the risk of permanent injury by wearing a silicone ring.

wedding wing trend is practical and affordable
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Silicone wedding rings are great for going to the gym, to work or wearing around the house to avoid getting caught on things. Diamond engagement rings are beautiful, until the diamond is constantly getting caught on your clothes, blankets and more.

Even better, the price is right for these rings. You can get a silicone ring for as low as $11.95. They come in a rainbow of colors, from neons and primary colors, to white, black, gold, gunmental and more.

silicone wedding ring trend affordable
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Whether you wear it as a symbol of your relationship, give it as a gift, buy a matching parent and child set or you’re just looking to add some athleisure jewelry to your collection, look no further than silicone rings.

Silicone wedding ring
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