Tie the Knot Without a Hitch
Pennsylvania’s Anthony Party Rentals makes planning your dream wedding a snap


Before deciding your dream wedding is either too expensive or too complicated to put together, call Anthony Party Rentals. You only have two weeks until the wedding? “We’ve done plenty of last minute weddings,” Anthony Cianciulli Jr., the president of Anthony Party Rentals, says. “If you’re working on a very tight budget, “We’ll work within your budget,” he responds without hesitation. Do you want the reception at home but only have an open patio? “We can tent it and make it look like a ballroom—piece of cake”.

When weddings come to mind, so do the dreams we all had growing up of what our “special day” would look like. None of that can happen until all of the required elements are in place. Tables, chairs, dance floors, linens and china. Enter Anthony Party Rentals, a family-owned business that specializes in transforming normal spaces or even empty spaces into magical spaces.

Along with his brother Mark, Anthony took over their father’s rental business 10 years ago. Shedding the equipment portion of the company, they concentrated on the party and event end of rental equipment and re-invented the Norristown, Penn.-based company. Local schools, colleges, businesses, the occasional celebrity, but mostly average people turn to Anthony Party Rentals for all of their party rental needs.

Every year, Anthony Party Rentals helps a growing number of same-sex couples organize their rental needs for their weddings and receptions. Over the last few years, the company has been involved with many different types of major arts and music festivals that cover all different cultures and communities with the highest level of professionalism.


When planning your ceremony yourself, it is very easy to forget some of the most basic requirements that are required to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of everyone in attendance. That is where working with seasoned rental professionals comes into play. Anthony Party Rentals has a highly trained staff that is eager to walk you through every detail.

Planning an outdoor reception requires a lot of extras that the staff will be sure are not overlooked. For instance, you want a garden setting but don’t think about what happens if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. While many couples think they have a backup plan in the event of inclement weather, these plans tend to disrupt the day when all you really want to do is enjoy the day. Why not plan for anything from the start? Renting a tent for either nice weather or inclement weather insures you will have the reception that you want. Tents can be used to accommodate from 10 to 1,000 guests. Depending on the size of your imagination and your budget, tents can be as simple as a basic enclosed space to that of a grand ballroom. Tents can not only be walled and lit, but they can also be floored, carpeted, lined, heated and air-conditioned.


Potential patrons will appreciate the website’s Event Planning Tips page, where you can get started with a rough idea of what seating arrangement, dance floor square footage and other space accommodations your party will require. Next, you will find photos of the available china, flatware, glassware and assorted serving pieces that you may need. Want to add some fun to the occasion? Think about renting a popcorn machine or maybe a cotton candy machine. For a little magic in the air, how about a fog machine or a bubble machine? If you think of something that you have to have and you don’t see in on the website, ask them about it. Most times, Anthony Party Rental will either be able to secure the item for you or at least point you in a direction to continue your search.

anthony-party-rental-table-settingOnce you have a location for your event and an approximate guest count, contact the office and schedule a free on-site tent survey. Once the details are discussed and the space measured, a complete proposal package will be prepared for you. In addition to the pricing, including all of the options available, a CADD drawing will be developed to give you a visual idea of what your reception could look like.

Anthony’s owners believe what sets them apart from the competition is the personal attention that each customer, regardless of the size of the job, receives. Anthony also believes the high level of hands-on involvement that both he and his brother provide is a bonus. “I do whatever I have to do,” Anthony remarks nonchalantly. “We don’t expect our men to do anything that we wouldn’t do or haven’t done ourselves.

Transforming any space into a memorable, practical and comfortable setting is what they do best—and that means making sure whatever supplies and accessories the customer chooses are polished and ready when promised. “When it’s raining, we can’t not show up. We’re going to be there, doing our job,” he says. “Customers should get what they want.” Anything? “Except elephants.” But if you are determined to ride down the aisle on an elephant, we think he may very well find one of those, too.