In a generation that hides behind texting and computer screens, sending a proper “thank you” is best done in writing. While penning longhand may sound a bit daunting, it’s about choosing the right utensil and stylish stationery that matches your personality best while expressing gratitude. Gentlemen and ladies take note while you, well, note.

Tips For Creating A Personable And Stylish Thank You Note

Choosing the right pen. A symbol of status amongst corporate America, the pen is something that adds a little “umpf” to your personality. The smoother the appearance, the sleeker the card. I recommend Parker’s Ingenuity model (rose gold? I’m there!), as it’s an easy glide ride and one you won’t want to leave in the company of a BIC.


Selecting stationery that matches your personality. Assuming you’re using Pinterest to organize and plan your wedding accordingly (we’re so social media savvy!), use a few wedding blogs to see what others use for stationery and what matches your wedding aesthetic. I’m a big fan of hunting through Papyrus for the perfect stationery, but want something else to consider? Use your wedding photographer to shoot kitschy “Thank you!” photos on your wedding day and consider postcards. When was the last time you’ve received one of those?


Organization is key. I’ve heard of far too many mix and matched gifts and cards, leaving your recipient confused and possibly a tad offended. “I didn’t get them a toaster oven! WHO wants a toaster oven for a wedding present?!” Get a little Post-it happy and start making a list. Google Docs and Excel exist for a reason.