Okay, grooms. Let’s be real. You’re going to wear your fancy suit (or tux) all day during your wedding, but when it comes to after the wedding, well … we all know. (Wink.) Okay, and honestly? You want to be comfortable while wearing dress clothes for over 12 hours. Who wants to feel, erm, chafed all day long? No one, that’s who. This is why we’ve rounded up a few comfy (yet stylish) unmentionables for all of you guys out there. The secret to an awesome wedding day? Marrying the perfect person, and not having to deal with wedgies. (Yeah, we went there.)

under-the-suit-nordstrom-briefs-1  under-the-suit-nordstrom-briefs-2

1. Prism Boxer Briefs from Nordstrom

There’s nothing wrong with the rainbow flair of these cute briefs, and you’re definitely going to be comfortable all day long. Plus, they’re fun to look at.


2. Mossimo Supply Co. Striped Boxer Briefs from Target

These striped briefs are cute and comfy, and you’re going to feel awesome knowing that your undies aren’t boring! (Your guy is probably going to have some nice things to say, too.)

under-the-suit-target-burgers  under-the-suit-target-burgers-2

3. “Burgers ‘N Fries” Boxer Briefs from Target

Um, can you say cute? These fast food-themed briefs sure are delicious. (Plus, they’re just plain fun.)