If you’re going for a bright and cheery wedding theme, coral and yellow are a particularly sweet combo. Because they are in the same quarter of the color wheel, any hue of either color blends nicely; from gold to pink, the colors will match. Coral and yellow (and maybe a dash of orange) is favored for spring themes, capturing the beauty of new blooms. It also works for lovely late summer weddings, beach- and sea-themed ceremonies as sunset dances perfectly fit the color range.



Photography by Lane Dittoe, as featured on Inspired By This (top left); Palermo’s Custom Cakes and Bakery (top middle); Fascinator availabel at Etsy.com for $40;  Chloe Phtography for Paisley Petals Design (middle right); Genevieve Leiper as featured on Wedding Aces (middle left); Cherishing Life’s Happiest Weddings (bottom left); MarthaStewart.com (bottom middle); SouthernLiving.com (bottom right)



Photoraphy by MarthaStewart.com (top left); Bryan Sheffield for In the Now Weddings; Brooke Photography and Design (middle); Sara Gray Photography for Elizabeth Anne Designs; Tie available on bows-n-ties.com for $9.90; Petals available on Etsy.com