same-sex wedding websites


Back in 2012 we put together 5 tips for creating your wedding website, which is a great start for couples looking to create an online space for their special day. However, the time is now ripe to revisit the theme with a few more details and help you make the most of your wed-site and give it a personal touch.

A Unique Site

As ever, your first port of call is the building blocks of the website itself. There is now an even wider range of dedicated sites and tools specifically geared towards wed-site creation, and you can’t go too far wrong with the templates they provide. If you want to really display the unique character of your relationship however, and either you or your partner is at least a little tech savvy, starting from scratch is a great option. Domain names are easy to obtain these days, and by starting from a blank slate you can really make your site stand out from the countless other wed-sites that are based on templates. Some providers, such as, even allow you to choose a custom top-level domain, like .wedding or .wed, as opposed to the standard .com, to add an extra touch of individuality.

Online Guestbook

When you announce your marriage, your nearest and dearest are sure to want to congratulate you. Your wed-site is the perfect platform to consolidate all of these messages into one space, where you can easily keep track of all your well-wishing messages. It’s a great opportunity for your guests to share comments, memories and photos of the wedding itself. You could even go the extra mile and create a wedding hashtag so your guests can also post directly to social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a FAQs page will save you a lot of time repeatedly explaining the more individual aspects of your wedding. The idea behind the information pages is to provide the core organizational details clearly and succinctly to make it as easy for your guests as possible, but there will always be additional questions about more specific details. Therefore it’s really worthwhile to think carefully about the sort of further questions that might arise and adding the answers to your FAQ page.

Image: mock up of Ellen and Portia’s wedding website; Ellen and Portia photo courtesy of Portia’s Twitter account