Love at first swipe culminated in a heartfelt wedding production at a Hollywood studio. When Hernan Lopez, founder of both Wondery and Danvas, first spoke to music supervisor Scott Velasquez, they knew their connection could last a lifetime.

“We were both super nervous and super excited,” says Scott Velasquez about his first date with Hernan Lopez for SoHo House brunch. “My cheeks hurt by the end of it from smiling the entire time. It was one of those love-at-first-sight things.”

“Obviously, there was chemistry,” Hernan says. “I loved his smile. I love that he had a way of carrying on a conversation and always being engaged. And I love his optimism and earnestness.”

“On his part, and I said this in my wedding vows,” Scott says, “Hernan was the kindest and most genuine person that I’ve ever met. It’s so rare to have someone possess qualities like that while also being a parent and juggling a high-power job. He gives everyone the time of day.”

It clicked for Hernan when he realized that he wanted Scott to meet his children and his parents from Argentina. Scott had always wanted to be a father, so he had no reservations about taking on the role of a dad.

Two Proposals

After four years, Hernan realized that it was time to propose. In May 2022, Lopez proposed—in a memorable way, of course.

Catching Scott completely off guard, Hernan had their song, “You’re All I Need to Get By,” by Marvin Gaye, playing during a friendly gathering at their house. Scott protested the slow ballad being played during the party, but then Hernan told him to look up, and he saw “Will you marry me, Scott?” written in the sky.

Scott later also proposed to Hernan with the help of their kids. The kids said they found Easter eggs that they had missed previously in the yard. Hernan went to investigate, and Scott had put a ring in one of the eggs for him to find.

A Production of a Wedding

Lopez and Valesquez wasted no time planning their October West Hollywood wedding at The Lot at Formosa, a suite of studios that film shows including Euphoria and Big Little Lies.

“We wanted to create a wedding that was a celebration of love, family and friendship,” Hernan shared. “We were lucky to have our children attend the wedding and play a role in it.”

Hernan’s family came in for the special day from Argentina and Scott’s from Texas. In total, 170 guests attended the celebration.

The president of GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis, became an officiant for the occasion. Hernan Lopez previously served on the board at GLAAD. Both Hernan and Scott wrote their own vows.

Part of Hernan’s vows to Scott included this heart-melting line: “I promise to be the blue to orange, the sea salt to your caramel and the bass to your drums, the core to your melody, the popcorn to your movie, whatever may come.”

projector mapping at a wedding, two grooms in gray suits in the foreground

The couple designed an immersive experience with projection mapping on the walls of the venue with the help of Stacey Ruiz Events. The projection map, which changed every half hour, told the couple’s love story—featuring the L.A. Skyline and Hollywood sign to represent where the couple met, Hernan’s hometown of Buenos Aires, Scott’s home state of Texas, the New York City skyline, art by Luna Ikuta, and more. Guests were served a coursed dinner that corresponded to the locations. Guests were taken to the Texas State Fair, treated to tacos and more via caterer Global Cuisine by Gary Arabia.

Guests danced to music from the locations as well, featuring a 13-piece band led by David Davis, a good friend of the couple, with pop and jazz covers. Once they transitioned to Los Angeles, Hernan and Scott surprised their 170 guests with a first dance recreation of the famous La La Land dance scene, “A Lovely Night,” with the help of Scott’s sister, who is a dance instructor.

signature cocktails

Guests continued their experience throughout the world before the grooms cut their cake by Vanilla Bake Shop and treated their guests to specialty desserts by Urth Caffeé.

Following dessert, Scott surprised Hernan by singing “You’re All I Need To Get By,” the same song Hernan used to propose to him. Later, guests enjoyed a surprise performance by Icona Pop and danced to DJ music by Hannah Rad.

Memorably, the couple’s daughter also performed piano during one of the scenes.

John and Joseph, the world’s top wedding photographers by Harper’s Bazaar, took the event photos. Collective You, who has  photographed many celebrity events, including for Paris Hilton, Justin and Hailey Bieber, and the Kardashians, captured portraits. R. Jack Balthazar designed the event, and PaintScaping did the projection/3D mapping.

“It was a blast!” Scott says.

Hernan and Scott Following the Wedding

Hernan and Scott remain committed to their children, incredible careers, and the Hernan Lopez Family Foundation. After selling Wondery, Hernan co-founded Danvas, a digital art company, and supports as many diverse leaders as possible with the Hernan Lopez Family Foundation.

As an immigrant and gay man, Hernan said he was supported by many incredible leaders. He wanted to do his part to help advance diversity in leadership. The Hernan Lopez Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to dismantle systematic bias and empower individuals from historically marginalized communities through grants, training and mentorship.

Scott also serves on the board of the foundation.

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Venue: The Lot at Formosa
Wedding Planner: Stacey Ruiz Events
Design Team: Jack Balthazar
Projection/3D Mapping: PaintScaping
Photographer: John and Joseph
Portrait Studio: The Collective You
Performers: Icona Pop
DJ: Hannah Rad
Band: David Davis
Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop
Specialty Desserts: Urth Caffeé
Caterer: Global Cuisine by Gary Arabia

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