9 bars for your wedding that aren’t alcohol

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Food is a staple when it comes to weddings. It’s a known fact in the wedding world that one of the few things that people will remember about your wedding day years down the line is the food you served, both good or bad. Epic food = epic wedding memories, so serve something yummy that you want to eat and guests will love. Bonus points for offering choices to meet a variety of appetites. 

Offering a wide menu can be expensive, which is why offering do-it-yourself food options are a great, customizable option for appetizers, entrees and desserts. Offer one of these DIY meal options for food that’s too good to forget. 

Dessert bar

What’s better than one dessert? Several. Choose you and your partner’s favorite desserts and offer them in full or bite-size pieces. Cookies, brownies, cannolis, fruit and more make excellent compliments to wedding cake or stand alone sweets. 

Pasta bar

Pasta dishes are delicious, but choosing just one sauce or pasta to try and please everyone can seem impossible. Offer a variety of pasta shapes to choose from (or even zoodles), a smattering of sauces from marinara to Alfredo to pesto and veggie or meat add-ins. 

Photo via Big Red Kitchen

Photo via Big Red Kitchen

Candy bar

Satisfy your sweet tooth by playing Willy Wonka for your guests. Offer chocolates, gummies, sour candies and all your favorites that can be put in candy bags and eaten on  the spot or taken home as a favor. Candy makes the perfect convenient snack to grab during your quick break from the dance floor. 

Coffee bar

Everyone takes their coffee differently, from hot or iced to straight black to light with no foam and two shots of espresso. Bring in a coffee cart or luxury coffee bar with flavors, syrups and toppings. Give guests the option to spike their coffee if you are serving alcohol at your wedding. Offer hot chocolate or chocolate milk for the kids and kids at heart in attendance to take part in the coffee fun. 

Taco bar

Ask someone how they liked their tacos and their answer will most certainly vary from the next person and the next person. Give guests the freedom to create their ideal taco with a bar filled with different meat and vegetarian options as well as all the fixings including lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. Just be sure to offer crunchy and soft shelled tacos. These toppings also work great for a make your own nachos appetizer during cocktail hour. 

Photo via Mad Mex

Photo via Mad Mex

Fondue bar

What’s better than dessert? Dessert dipped in chocolate! Get a large chocolate fountain on a buffet table or put small fondue pots on each dinner table for guests to enjoy. Serve treats like strawberries, marshmallows, cakes and brownies, or offer a cheese fondue as an appetizer, complete with bread, pretzels, chips and more. 

Ice cream bar

Ice cream sundaes are perfect for a summer wedding. Relive the days of middle school sleep overs by getting a few vats of your favorite ice cream flavors and bowls filled with all kinds of toppings including chocolate chips, gummy bears, fruit and more. Classic staples of sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries are a must. 

Photo by Baked Bree via Red Tricycle

Photo by Baked Bree via Red Tricycle

Pizza bar

Offer personal sized pizzas or slices that guests can add their own toppings to. This is a great way to fill up guests’ stomachs while finding an option that pleases both the meat lovers pizza fans and the pineapple pizza fanatics. 

Photo via BBC Good Food

Photo via BBC Good Food

Popsicle bar

Having a summer wedding or looking for a refreshing treat? Offer guests a variety of popsicles to choose from. From a variety of colors and flavors, there are countless types of popscisles including ice pops with fruit or candies infused.  Add an additional dimension to your bar by offering boozy popsicles for guests to enjoy . 

boozy popsicle

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