It’s no secret that the hardest part of planning a wedding is, well, the process of wedding planning. As one of the most expensive, busy and emotional days of your life, planning your wedding day can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking endeavor. That’s where pro wedding planners and coordinators come in. Whether you’re planning a destination micro wedding or a large extravaganza, the value of having a planner’s expertise and experience cannot be overstated. Trust us when we say you’ll be thankful you hired a pro! Here are 10 essential reasons why you need a professional wedding planner:

1. They have valuable experience

Experience, expertise and enthusiasm are just the start of what a professional wedding planner brings to the table. For LGBTQ+ brides, grooms and marriers navigating the wedding planning process, having someone experienced and knowledgeable about the business and financial side of things is extremely helpful. You’ll minimize your stress and maximize your enjoyment of the experience by handing off the reins to a pro planner or coordinator who knows the drill and can walk you through every step of the way.

2. They help bring your vision to life

Your Pinterest boards are a great starting point for creating the wedding of your dreams, but bringing your inspiration to life requires logistical planning that many of us just don’t have experience with. Even if you’re a creative professional in the arts or event space, making your vision a reality will be aided by the know-how of a professional planner who can direct your decisions and vendors to create that perfect day.

3. They’ll help you delegate

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. With a pro planner on your side, delegation becomes a whole heck of a lot easier. No need to worry about assigning parking duty to your cousins or stress over when the flowers will be delivered to the venue. Depending on your desired involvement, your wedding planner can be the main point of contact for vendors, guests, and attendants, keeping your email and phone notifications–and your stress–to a minimum.

4. They’re experts at budget management

As with any event or party, your wedding budget can easily get away from you. Pro wedding planners can help you manage your expectations going into the process, advising on what will be the most costly elements, as well as aiding in invoice management and cost tracking as you get closer to the wedding day itself.

5. They are timeline pros

Your planner will have insights on the best timing and order of events. Sorting out the timeline of your wedding day can be daunting, so having a pro there to guide you will avoid a lot of debate and speculation. Plus, they have the inside scoop on when to hire wedding vendors and how far out you’ll need to prepare your save-the-dates, invitations, favors and more.

6. They know what details to include…

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are probably things you might not even think to account for, but a professional wedding planner will have those factors covered. They’ll know how to prep for the weather appropriately, be ahead of the game on safe transportation to and from your venue and make sure you have signage for everything you might need to label at the reception.

7. …And what details you can leave out

Your wedding planner has seen a lot, and they’ll have a solid idea of what elements you can leave out. As trends come and go, planners and coordinators know what often gets overlooked by guests, and they can save you money and stress in the process by advising on what you can forgo. Of course, if there’s anything you have your heart set on, you should include that detail! But if you’re on a tight budget and need an objective opinion on what you can skip, your planner is an invaluable asset.

8. They will help handle vendor communications

Many planners will have a group of wedding vendors they already love working with, and their contacts are a major resource for you as well. Your wedding planner or coordinator wants the best of the best for you, and they’ll be there to handle vendor communications from initial outreach through tying up loose ends after the big day. As a bonus, wedding planners tend to be up-to-date on current tipping customs and can guide you through vendor interactions so you don’t have to fret over etiquette when it comes to treating your vendors with care.

9. They’ll be there to put out fires leading up to the wedding

While you’re celebrating your bach party and enjoying family and friends being in town for the days leading up to your nuptials, your planner is there to take care of any issues that pop up. From unexpected logistical problems to ensuring that every detail is on track, wedding planners can handle it so you don’t have to stress. Tiny catastrophes are inevitable in the course of any wedding week, and having someone there to help you deal with issues efficiently is the best gift you can give yourself.

10. They take care of things so you can enjoy your big day

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a pro planner or coordinator is having a designated point person who you can trust on your wedding day. You deserve to enjoy yourself from start to finish, and your wedding planner will be there to ensure things are running smoothly. From getting everyone ready before the ceremony to making sure the cake is out on time, your planner will be there so you can be fully present with your guests and new spouse.

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Featured image by Mike Topham Photography