Wedding hashtags, the modern day disposable camera. What once was the tradition of giving guests cameras at their reception table to snap candids has now become digital. When couples create a hashtag for their wedding they are encouraging guests to share photos of the wedding and/or reception on social media. While this weeds out all the blurry shots a disposable camera might have produced, you still need to make sure you can find all these photos in one place. Enter, the wedding hashtag. Creating a wedding hashtag allows guests to know how to make sure that their photos are seen by you and your partner, and having a unique hashtag is critical to making sure your wedding photos are not mixed among someone else’s wedding. 

1. Before you sit and spend hours trying to come up with the cutest wording, remember, there’s nothing wrong with being practical.  The main intention of a wedding hashtag is to have a one-stop photo album of guests’ photos. Its purpose is not who can come up with the best pun or cute phrase, but to give a unique hashtag that can serve as a place for the photos of your wedding to be seen with one click. 

2. Double check that the hashtag you create has not been used by searching it on Instagram and other social media. You wouldn’t want your wedding photos to be mixed selfies of people you don’t know having fun at someone else’s event. 

3. Decide on a hashtag you love but it’s already been used? Make it your own by adding your wedding date and/or year to the end of it. 

4. While you or your partner’s name may create a great play-on-words, not everyone’s name presents such an opportunity. This does not mean that you cannot have a clever hashtag. Consider inserting your names into one of the following templates to see if it creates a unique hashtag.


Have you shared photos of your wedding or the events leading up to it using a specific hashtag? We’d love to see! Share it with us below.