Getting married is the most magical day for any couple. And after such a long battle to have LGBTQ+ weddings recognized and celebrated, you deserve magic. Ensuring that your big day is a celebration that truly aligns with your preferences is essential.

All weddings are beautiful, but personalization will take your LGBTQ+ ceremony to even greater heights. Focus on the four ideas below, and it will be everything you hoped for and more.

1. Focus On Your Look

Looking picture-perfect on your big day is essential if you want it to be a success. Starting with your outfits, it’s essential that you are coordinated. Whether opting for a traditional look or something more fun is up to you. But character-defining features like footwear and accessories are vital.

The most important feature is the ring as it is a symbol of your commitment and something you’ll wear for life. Unique men’s wedding rings, or “masculine” rings, that fit with their personality and style make a big difference. Special rings made from dinosaur bone, meteorite, or whiskey barrel by experts like Throum instantly stand out. Better still, they’ll be cherished forever.

It is the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear, which is why a truly beautiful creation like a handmade Hawaiian Koa wood wedding ring is worth the investment. The one-of-a-kind styling and design means it will truly feel like the ring is his. Hair and makeup are vital aspects of the wedding prep too, and your LGBTQ+ wedding is no different.

2. Create A Theme

Many couples, including LGBTQ+ couples, follow the traditional wedding ceremony and style. However, it feels very outdated to many people, especially if they are not particularly religious. Therefore, opting for a themed wedding makes a lot of sense in many situations. Especially when some of the standard traditions feel like a waste of money.

Destination weddings, like beach ceremonies, are an obvious choice. Alternatively, you could look to introduce a fun theme that you both love. This Great Gatsby wedding that featured a casino speakeasy reception is a great example. However, you could also consider a wide range of pop culture themes or direct LGBTQ+ influences.

Another option is to create a theme that tells your love story. For example, you could name the tables at your reception after your vacation destinations or other milestones in your lives. It’s a simple yet effective way to step away from generic ideas to make the wedding your own, especially when tied in with the concept of a handmade wedding ring.

Sparkling oceanside Cancun wedding | Bruno Rezza | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Photographer: Bruno Rezza

3. Have At Least One Unique Feature

Even if you do not wish to create a whole theme, you should look to build a wedding day that’s about you. This is the one day where you are free to do things on your terms. And if someone (other than your partner) isn’t on board, you don’t have to invite them. Once again, unique handmade wedding rings from standout materials can set the tone.

When thinking about unique features, the options are endless. Photographers and videographers are great. Still, having an artist paint the ceremony adds something beautifully unique. Other options include splashing out on a famous singer who means something to you as a couple. Or you could look to dancers to replace your first dance.

Ultimately, every aspect of the big day should make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you can tick off a bucket list item while simultaneously creating lifelong memories, that is a bonus. LGBTQ+ backdrops, ice sculptures, and fun ideas like ‘create a cocktail’ stands can all work well too.

4. Speak From The Heart

Celebrating your love with friends, family, and your community is great. Ultimately, though, the happy couple are the only two people that truly matter. If your day provides moments that bring you closer together and can be cherished forever, nothing else really matters. All of the outside elements are merely bonuses.

The moment when you catch each other’s eyes is something you’ll never forget. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony or adapted to suit your desires, writing your vows is a wonderful idea. It is a chance to truly speak from the heart and tell your partner exactly what they mean to you. It might only count for a few minutes of the big day, but the impact will be huge.

As well as adding something special to your big day, the vows can be turned into amazing home decor features for the marital home. While you probably won’t think too much about this right now, there is no question that this personal touch will enhance your big day. Frankly, it is the least that you deserve.


Top photo: Laylle Digital Media