Proposal planning can take weeks, sometimes months. Getting everything right is incredibly challenging.

What’s more, it can go spectacularly wrong. Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is a big ask.

Therefore, take a look at some of the things not to do when planning the perfect proposal. Here’s what you need to know.

Don’t Propose Without Learning More About Your Partner’s Ring Preferences

The Diamond Ring Co. is a company that sells diamond wedding rings or matching wedding bands in Hatton Garden. It recommends that people find out what type of rings or jewelry their partners like before proposing.

“It’s a bad idea to go into a proposal without getting something as basic as the ring right,” the company says. “Therefore, partners should look for ways to learn more about their partner’s style preferences without ruining the surprise.”

How could you do this? The Diamond Ring Co. has answers. “Next time you’re walking past a diamond ring shop, casually stop by and look in the window. Just talk about the value of the jewelry, but try to get a sense of the type of ring your partner would like. Take mental notes and then look for something similar and better value online.”

You want the proposal to be a special moment in your partner’s life. If you use a ring that doesn’t quite feel right, it can damage the experience (or force you to get another ring that they like, so be careful out there!)

Don’t Include Complicated Logistics

Another thing you’ll want to avoid when proposing to your spouse-to-be is complicated logistics. Trying to bring everything together just perfectly is far more challenging than you might expect. Even something simple could trip you up!

“You don’t want to put a wedding ring in a cake,” according to The Diamond Ring Co. “People could choke and a trip to the emergency room is the opposite of what you want on your special day.”

That’s not the only example of how things could go wrong, either. For instance, imagine you want to write “Will you marry me?” in the sky using airplanes. That sort of thing costs thousands of dollars and is a nice gesture, but there are so many things that could go wrong. The heavens could open, your partner could take a trip to the lavatory, or the company providing the service might decorate the wrong part of the sky.

Therefore, stick to the basics. Try to find ways to limit what could go wrong by simplifying everything.

Don’t Forget To Factor In The Audience

You’ll also want to factor in the audience to your marriage proposal. You need to consider whether there will be people watching.

Even if you think your partner will 100% say “yes,” it is still a good idea to propose in private. You never know what’s going on in their minds. (Perhaps they hinted in the past that they wanted to get engaged to spare your feelings. Their response could be entirely different on the day. Who knows what they are thinking).

Don’t Get Hung Up On Making It Picture Perfect

Many people also get hung up on the idea that their engagement needs to be picture-perfect so that they can post all about it on Facebook. The most solid engagements are those that happen in private, without the world watching. They are also more intimate.

Remember, if your partner sees you searching for the perfect vista, they might get suspicious that you are going to pop the question. That could ruin the surprise.

Furthermore, picture-perfect moments never arrive when you want them to. You could be searching for the ideal environment for hours without getting what you want. By that time, your partner could be hungry, dehydrated, and in a bad mood.

Don’t Make The Proposal About You

Another essential piece of advice is to avoid proposing all about you. While showing off and doing something extravagant can be impressive, it can also feel a little inauthentic. You don’t want your partner to go away with the impression that you’re only doing it to impress your friends online.

Instead, focus the event on your love for each other. Turn it into a celebration. Be thoughtful in how you do it so that you can reflect your relationship’s character and vibe. Getting it right can be an excellent way to set you up for marriage.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Also, don’t forget to breathe during your proposal if you feel nervous. Remember to inhale and exhale while proposing.

“Many customers find the perfect wedding ring,” The Diamond Ring Co. says, “but they don’t get ready emotionally for the proposal. When people are in that situation, they often find it quite different from how they imagine it.”

You will probably feel a little breathless and tingly before you pop the question. (If you don’t, there’s something wrong!) But that’s okay. Making substantial life decisions was never straightforward.

Don’t Let Them Know What You’re Planning

Depending on your partner’s preference for surprise, it’s also a good idea to avoid spilling the beans on them. Secrecy is a key ingredient in making the proposal work.

Naturally, you don’t have to keep secrets from your partner. But adding the element of surprise to a proposal can make it more momentous.

“Many people spill the beans when their partner sees a large credit card bill on their bank statement,” The Diamond Ring Co. says. “Therefore, you’ll want to figure out how you’ll pay for the ring in advance.”

Those looking to get engaged will also need to consider things like keeping the ring somewhere secret and not telling anyone who might spill the beans. You never know who you can trust when it comes to wedding proposals!

Don’t Ignore The Weather

Finally, don’t ignore the weather. You don’t want to invite your partner to a wet park where it’s pouring rain. That could spoil the mood. Instead, wait for a sunny day or do it somewhere inside.