With January already in the rearview mirror, wedding trends for the year are coming fully into focus. As 2023 spouses-to-be iron out the details of their wedding plans, these fun and personalized elements are topping the charts.

Blurry photos

This is the ultimate “TikTok made me do it” wedding trend. Intentionally blurry photos are all the rage, bringing a sense of nostalgia and a muted, dreamy vibe to any wedding theme. Twenty twenty-three marriers are asking their photographers to include a smattering of this style of images in their wedding albums. The blurry photo trend intersects nicely with the “cool wedding” aesthetic, another TikTok phenomenon that utilizes flash photography and film to breathe life into those candid moments you want to savor forever.

Retro wedding cakes

Wedding reception cakes are having a vintage renaissance, with marriers selecting monochromatic cakes reminiscent of those popular between the 1950s and 1980s. We saw lots of this maximalist yet practical style in 2022 with elopement celebrations, but retro cakes are taking off in 2023 as reception centerpieces and designated cake-cutting photo ops for the celebrants.

Bouncy, maximalist florals

Maximalism is an overall theme that more marriers are embracing, with bouquets, boutonnieres and floral statement pieces as a main focal point in people’s interpretation of the “more is more” approach to their nuptials. Bouncy, sprawling flower arrangements are trending for 2023, with wedding florists seeing an uptick in requests for these multi-colored, lush displays that often tie in meaningful flowers from the marriers’ love story.

Regency aesthetics

We can thank Bridgerton for the Regency revival that has taken over the wedding industry in the past year. Marked by pastels, string quartets, flourishing script fonts and an overall sense of lavish elegance, this reimagined Regency aesthetic we see today differs from the muted, simplistic weddings of Jane Austen’s time. Instead, this interpretation latches onto maximalism and allows 2023 celebrants to get swept away with the fantasy of a romantic high society ball.

Private last dances

Marriers are opting for a private last dance. The wedding day goes by so fast, so to remedy this, couples are ditching traditional exits for this intimate, quiet moment, some swapping this for a first dance altogether. Most couples leave before the party is over so they can get that fun farewell (which is really fun!) but especially for DIY weddings where you might be part of the cleanup crew, the private last dance is a great option for getting the most out of your special day. Sounds like there might be a silver lining to staying until the end of your wedding reception


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Featured photo by Heather K Purdy