Bee and Lyd’s New Orleans fall wedding centered around community and chosen family. The couple invited 11 of their closest friends to be in their wedding party and had their adopted guncles officiate their ceremony.

Two white people in long white gowns hold hands and look at each other. On a balcony above them, their wedding party is smiling down at them.

A white person in a long wedding gown embraces a friend with long brown hair in front of a tan door.

Two people in white gowns stand in front of an angled altar with the New Orleans skyline behind them. They are surrounded by loved ones, standing next to them as well as in aisled seating.

Everything from the reception decor to the color scheme was steeped in meaning. In keeping with the season, marigold, coral, copper, red and navy accents lent to a bright Thanksgiving aesthetic. Bee and Lyd’s earth-toned floral arrangements and cream-colored wedding gowns complemented the Louisiana sunset as they exchanged their vows.

Two newlyweds with long brown hair share a kiss as they celebrate their marriage.

Two white people with brown hair kiss, surrounded by bouquets of vivid jewel tone flowers.

The details they chose to incorporate were completely customized, including a neon sign sporting their new shared last name and an angled arbor to frame the couple during the ceremony. Sustainability was a driving force for the newlyweds, with their reception decor being made of recycled glass, which was recycled again after the event and turned to sand for coastal restoration.

A gold frame sits in a basket of white handkerchief. The text inside reads: Take a handkerchief + meet the band downstairs! A second line is a jazz music processional used in the celebration of funerals, weddings, births, etc. in New Orleans. The first line is the brand band, followed by the paradees, whom make up the second line. Those who did not have umbrellas but wanted to participate in the parade would grab their handkerchief and join in.

A black and white image of the newlyweds kissing, holding white fringed umbrellas in front of a brass band first line.

The newlyweds walk in front of a brass band through the trees of NOLA.

The reception kicked off with a second line, a festive NOLA tradition hallmarked by jazz music and a joyful parade. As the group partied into the night, Bee and Lyd changed into comfortable white Crocs and cut their cake to reveal rainbow layers that reflected their color scheme, their LGBTQ+ identities and the pride flag.

The newlyweds lounge on a blue velbvet couch. One lays in the other's lap. They are wearing white Crocs.

The newlyweds sit and laugh as someone gives a toast. They are in a brick and wooden loft building.

The newlyweds smile as the cut their cake. It has rainbow layers. Behind them is a small blue neon sign that reads: The Hopewells.

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Photographer: Theo Nash Photography
Reception Venue: Capulet Bywater
Wedding Party Dresses: Azazie
Marrier Apparel: Town and Country Bridal
Hair Stylist: Wildflower Hair and Makeup

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