Natural light and a bright snowy background set the scene for this winter photo shoot. Engaged couple Andrew and Manny wore matching scarves and cozied up to get some celebratory photos before moving to Texas from their home in Massachusetts.

Andrew, who was in the Massachusetts Army National Guard, had come out and was in a happy relationship with Manny, but had not been ready for their relationship to be the subject of a photo shoot. When the men got engaged, they made the decision to move south to be closer to Manny’s accepting family. Before relocating, they finally felt ready to get their portraits taken.

The result is a collection of adorable images that emphasize the couple’s closeness and their vibrant smiles. These photos, despite being taken in the harsh New England winter, couldn’t warm our hearts more. Shortly before their move to the Texas heat, Andrew and Manny officially tied the knot. We love how these photos document a specific season in their relationship journey.

A black man and white man stand, embracing. They are both laughing as snow falls in front of them.

A man in a tan jacket is kissing the head of a man in a black jacket. The man on the right is smiling at the camera.

Two people, one white and one black, stand in front of a snow-covered tree. They are both wearing glasses and showing their engagement bands to the camera.

An engaged couple stands under a wooden arch covered in snow. They are kissing and facing each other.

Two men stand in front of a snowy background. They are both wearing matching scarves and gazing into each others' eyes.

A black man in a black jacket and a white man with short hair are holding each other, smiling, in front of a snowy tree.

Two people stand in front of snowy trees, smiling at the camera. The person on the right holds the arm of the person on the left.

An engaged couple stands under a wooden arch, looking at each other as they are about to kiss. They are holding each others' faces and smiling.

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Photographer: Emerald Moon Photography

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