[dropcap letter=”1″]Ellen DeGeneres + Portia de Rossi
Although rumors of divorce seem to always trouble Ellen and Portia, they still are the queen and queen of lesbian couples. They have been together since 2004 and tied the knot in 2008 – the equivalent of a 30-year marriage in celebrity years. They have both kept their successful careers going; Ellen is currently producing the sitcom “One Big Happy.” 




[dropcap letter=”2″]Chely Blitzer-Wright + Lauren Blitzer-Wright
Another awesome married couple. Country star Chely Wright came out as a lesbian in 2010 and married girlfriend, who works at marketing for Universal, Lauren Blitzer. The two have twin sons and post loads of pictures of them on Twitter. Chely has been a great advocate for LGBT rights and did a documentary about her coming out story.



[dropcap letter=”3″]Adèle Haenel + Céline Sciamma
Adèle came out in last year’s César, the French Academy Awards, by thanking her girlfriend Céline. The two met when filming the lesbian movie “Water Lilies”; Adèle was the lead actress, Céline the director. Since then, Adèle has won the César again and Céline has launched the critically acclaimed film “Girlhood.”



[dropcap letter=”4″]Wanda + Alex Sykes
Comedian Wanda Sykes married the French Alex Niedbalski, a month before publicly coming out in 2008. This adorable lesbian couple have two children together, Lucas and Olivia Sykes.



[dropcap letter=”5″]Michelle Harper + Jenny Shimizu
Model Jenny Shimizu is famous for dating Angelina Jolie in the 90s, but her current girlfriend is the fashion brand consultant Michelle Harper. They’re both admired fashion icons. We adore their writeup in I Love You magazine plus the gorgeous photoshoot. 

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Video: Courtesy of Oprah.com. Photos: from top: Lara Porzak, courtesy of the Blitzer-Wrights, Premiere magazine, Huffington Post, &OtherStories