We all know it is coming: chapped lips. The painful cracking is just what a bride or groom doesn’t need on the big day, or for that matter any day leading up to it. Endless amounts of lip balm are stocked in stores, but before filling your shopping cart with packs of them, rummage through your home cabinets. These five at-home remedies will do the trick for those chapped-red lips, so puckering up after saying “I do” won’t be painful.


Glycerin and rose petals will not only soothe lips, but it will also highlight the lip’s natural blush. Simply add a few drops of glycerin to a rose petal and rub on the chapped lips once a day. If roses aren’t a common sight at your house, you can purchase rosewater and glycerin mixtures, such as Burt’s Bees Toner.



Stroll into the kitchen pantry and see if honey or coconut oil are on the shelves. Both liquids are excellent for retaining moisture, and cracked lips need all they can get. Apply like lip balm, rubbing a drop or two onto lips as needed.



One thing that definitely needs to be removed from aggravated lips is dead skin. Using the bristles of a spare toothbrush, gently brush in a circular motion on the surface of your lips. The dead skin will flake and fall off, leaving room for the soft and healthy skin underneath to grow.



A key ingredient in black tea is tannins, a molecule that binds to proteins and other compounds. Take a black tea bag, dip it in warm water, and place on the damaged lips. It will not only moisturize and give instant relief, but it will expedite the healing process.

diy-remedies-chapped lips-mustard-oil

If mustard oil or sesame oil are in your kitchen, look no further. Rub or pour a drop or two of either liquid into the navel. This will make the lips heal faster and go back to their normal soft state.