Searching for the perfect tunes for your wedding playlist? These under-the-radar LGBT artists are some of our favorites. The indie recording artists may not have millions of little monsters like Lady Gaga, they definitely deserve a listen. And with wedding bells ringing, you’ll need to pick out a wedding song anyways.



Maia Sharp is a singer-songwriter whose work has been covered by hit artists like Edwin McCain (claim to fame I’ll Be), Cher, The Dixie Chicks and others. The rock/folk/country singer contributed to Music from the Aisle of Lesbos, an album featuring only lesbian artists. She just released her fifth solo album, Change the Ending, at the end of July.

Notable songs: Red Dress, Standing Out in a Crowd, You are Mine


shane-stevens-holy-graffiti-lgbt-artists-wedding-playlistSHANE STEVENS

This pop/country/alternative rock performer is one of the few openly gay singer-songwriters in Nashville. While his most recognizable songs have been covered by hit artists like Lady Antebellum, Jordin Sparks, Cody Simpson, The Drifters, Sara Evans and many more, Shane just came out with his first solo album, Holy Graffiti. He’s also been featured on Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, a Sundance Channel reality series.

Notable songs: Back to Earth, American Honey




Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this indie pop band has been together since 2001. The band is well-known in Canada and Europe, recently inspiring the names of two German books, Music is my Boyfriend and Ban Marriage!. The band has been referenced as the “gay church folk” band, and is currently touring in Canada.

Notable songs: In the NA, Ban Marriage, Underage



Franco soloist Melanie Valera croons simple but powerful love songs using only a keyboard, laptop and her killer vocals. Her third album Where Are We From was released last year and she’s already in the studio recording her fourth.

Notable songs: How Many, You Have the Woods, But the Shape is Wide


team-gina-lgbt-indie-artists-wedding-playlistTEAM GINA

Songs from this quirky duo’s album is sure to get even the shyest wallflowers on the dance floor. Their ode to the ’80s features rapid-fire lyrics about The Oregon Trail, Saved by the Bell and more while the rest of their playlist features catchy, poppy beats that you can’t help but dance to.

Notable songs: Products of the 80’s, ButchFemme, Wife Swapping