One of the most incredible activities of a wedding is the photography. For each flash and click, a memory is created. Photos capture the emotions in the air, the fun, and unique activities in your wedding. Photos are also references to reminisce on as they hold memories for days to come.

While making a wedding preparation checklist, photography is one of the most important items to consider. Every couple has one or several favorite moments they would like captured by the lens. These moments can be specified to a photographer to ensure that they do not miss. However, there are common moments in each wedding that should not miss a click. Without compromising on quality, below is a list of those beautiful moments that should be captured:

1) The Preparation

Start your day with captions. These captions seize unique traditions and activities that you engage in before the big act of the day. They also represent the results of the long and tedious preparations that took place before the D-day. Have photographers capture your venues, outfits, rings, vehicles, and teams around each individual. Have photographers that are willing to start the day with you to ensure that you do not miss a moment. To get quality captions for such unique moments, you need a tried and tested team of experienced photographers such as those on Christophe Viseux Photography to deliver on this.

2) Individual Photos

The marriers should get individual captions. This helps create their own element and bring out their own style too. The images can be from the time you start the day to the final moment you complete. You can have these images captured while aware or unaware. The photographers can split you from one another and take the pictures at different locations or make it sequential at the same spot. They can also work around the activities of the day and capture each individual at a time.

3) Couple Photos

Couples are now getting a first photo of themselves before the ceremony and you should do the same. This helps ease the nerves and creates time to communicate. You can create time and go for a shoot after the ceremony. This might be the only moment you get to be alone. The duration for this shoot depends on location, dynamics of the photos and the number of captions needed. Set enough time for this to avoid rushing or even missing it. Most couples find their official wedding portrait from this shoot and you might find yours from this collection too.

4) Favorite People

A wedding has attendees that you would like to get a moment with you alone to celebrate. You can make time for this at the end of the wedding or during the reception. Take photos of your teams too. Each person can also take pictures with their individual team and later come together for the combined teams shoot. Do not skip this. You will need these memories later.

5) Special Moments

There are many special moments in each wedding and they should not miss a click. These moments start as early as you start the day and can run throughout the ceremony. The common most pictureworthy moments include the walk down the aisle, exchanging rings, the signing, and the cutting of the cake. You can request your photographer to capture any other moment you might find special for you.

Photo by Cassandra Zetta