There’s truly no better day to feel like actual royalty than on your wedding day. And if you decide you want to wear a crown (*cue Billie Eilish lyrics*), you have so many options—flower crowns, traditional crowns, crowns that tie into your cultural heritage and rainbow crowns. We’re a little obsessed with the idea of wedding crowns and we’re here to inspire you if you’re looking for the perfect one.

This couple got married in a California garden with moody, dramatic photos
Photo via “This couple got married in a California garden with moody, dramatic photos
Southwestern garden wedding inspiration macrame dramatic garden of Eve creative lesbian same-sex wedding flower crown
Photo via “Southwestern garden wedding inspiration


Feminine edgy pink and black wedding inspiration two brides flower crown different styles
Photo via “Feminine edgy pink and black wedding inspiration
Tropical boho wedding photo shoot bride flower crown
Photo via “Tropical boho wedding photo shoot
Bohemian wedding ideas
Photo via “Bohemian wedding ideas

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"When we're planning a queer wedding, the details — the *inclusive* details — matter. A whole hell of a lot. . We are asked for a bride and groom's name on a contact form or contract, rather than simply, "Your Name" and "Partner's Name." It's assumed that one partner will wear a dress and the other a suit. Sometimes this is true, and other times it isn't. The "bridal" adjective is used for two grooms. Umm, there's not a bride here, ya'll. So, why not "wedding" instead? "Mr. and Mrs. ______" are announced into the reception, yet there's two brides at this wedding. . We're asked who is taking the other's name, but we're creating anew, or keeping the current, or hyphenating, or, or, or. It's suggested that we'll be "given away" at the ceremony, but we're walking in together. Peace out patriarchy. When asked who proposed, we respond, "We both did." This list is not exhaustive, but they're all experiences I've had or witnessed myself. . Every individual and every relationship is unique. Assumptions never win. Be curious; ask questions. Let them tell you who they are. The wedding industry often places traditions/roles/assignments on us, making us feel like we're required to do or be something we aren't. Instead, embrace the personal, encourage decisions that are right for their relationship, and let go of all other expectations. It's not your wedding after all." —@cassandrazetta . 📷: @cassandrazetta . . . . . #equallywed #lgbtq #lgbtqweddings #lgbtqweddingphotographer #samesexwedding #samesexweddingphotographer #loveislove #weddingeducation #lgbtqweddingeducation #peaceoutpatriarchy #nontraditionalwedding #inclusive #marriageequality #inclusiveweddings #gaywedding #lesbianwedding #queerwedding #loveislove

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