You’ve surely got enough pre-proposal jitters without the the added agony of your partner discovering a hidden ring. Luckily, many companies have created products to help you more easily conceal that rock. Whether you need to hide it on your person or somewhere in your home, here are some of our favorite ways to do it:

Ring Stash

Designed by engineer Marvin Velazquez, Ring Stash’s unique engagement ring boxes are designed to be both sleek and durable. The ring is protected, but the box is not bulky. Thus, the proposer can feel confident keeping it in their pocket without anything being too obvious.


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The Box Sock

The Box Sock involves two products: a super slim ring box and a pair of socks with a special pocket to keep it in. The pocket is purposefully situated on the outside of the sock. That way, the proposer can easily access the ring while down on one knee.

Christmas Ornament

If you’re proposing around the holidays, this Christmas ornament ring holder from Etsy is the perfect way to surprise your love.

From Etsy Seller, iboxnyc

Leather Pouch

This leather pouch, available from Hide & Drink on Amazon, is perfect for traveling, as it can easily be tucked into a wallet or suitcase.

Available on Amazon from Hide & Drink

Little White Book

Your literature-loving partner will never guess what’s inside this small and unassuming book, also available on Etsy.
Available on Etsy from seller, CoryellArt