Everyone has a different vision for his or her walk down the aisle. Some are walking to meet their partner at the edge of the sea, while others are gathered in the countryside. No matter what your “look” is, there’s a beautiful way to decorate the rows of chairs where your friends and families sit.



Find a collection of antique pots and attach wire to the rim so you can hang them at the end of each aisle. Peach-colored roses and simple baby’s breath add to the romantic feel.




With the ocean waves behind you and sand beneath your feet, the perfect adornment for your walk down the aisle is simple bear grass decorated with starfish and shells.




For a modern look, choose square boxes bursting with bright blooms. Hang them from simple posts with satin ribbon that matches your flowers.




Very few things say romance the way flower petals strewn down the aisle do, except for maybe the soft glow from simple lanterns. Whether you light them or not, the clean glass and simple pillars will add a touch of elegance.




Next to flower petals, the softest thing you can decorate your walk down the aisle with has to be feathers. Add another dimension with kissing balls delicately hanging over the bed of feathers, letting the ribbons trail softly in the breeze.




For a rustic country wedding, flank each row of chairs with wood stumps that serve as small tables for mason jars filled with wildflowers. Place another small jar with a candle inside next to the colorful blooms.


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