Right down to the delicious wedding cake, receptions are famous for usually hosting a landslide of sweets and other sugary treats. Although everyone loves a great éclair or cream puff, choosing a healthier alternative can be just as tasty, and much more rewarding. For a unique twist on the dessert buffet, provide a bountiful fruit and vegetable bar to satisfy that after-dinner craving for something sweet.

The buffet spread will look dynamic (as seen here by this vibrant veggie-and-fruit buffet designed by Amy Atlas).. The seasonal harvest combined with the traditional go-to favorites will boast a beautiful and vibrant display of color, matching any wedding palette. The different sections of carrots, blueberries, pineapple, tomatoes and the many other healthy options will be sure to happily satisfy all of the attendees as well.




Not only is it sure to be a hit, but the buffet style is super simple and stress-free. Sit back and relax while the guests do all the work choosing what they want and what they don’t. But don’t stop at just offering the tasty raw fruits—include additives like yogurt, granola, salad dressings and garnishes to give the guests free creative reign. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide what not to include.

This refreshing twist on after-dinner treats will have your guests feeling great and guilt-free after gorging themselves silly.