There’s something magical about wearing a rainbow wedding dress. Whether your dress is made entirely out of colorful tulle or just has a hint of every color scattered throughout, it helps to add a pop of color to all your wedding photos instantly. It’ll make your wedding a jazzy, fun occasion, and because rainbow can mean so many things, you can really tailor it to the vibe you’re going for: Romantic, whimsical, casual, fairytale, alternative and even black tie (should we say rainbow tie?). Here are a few rainbow wedding dresses to get you inspired on where to start for your own!

Photo via Rainbow queer wedding in the woods

This wedding was completely decked out in rainbow so if you’re seeking inspiration, you should really go look at what Addie’s partner Brandon wore too. Addie’s rainbow tulle dress is by Ricky Lindsay.

This design is by Tiff Manuell, who designs handmade and hand-painted one of a kind accessories. The dress was hand-painted stroke by stroke, giving it dimensions and a custom feel.

Speaking of custom, The Couture Co specializes in custom wedding dresses. A lot of their customers are people looking for alternative, colorful wedding attire—like this fun dress with layers of rainbow tulle underneath.

This dress is also by The Couture Co (because they can’t get enough of rainbow wedding attire!). If you still want to wear a solid color like white, having a pop of rainbow tulle underneath is a perfect way to show off some rainbow during the wedding.

This elegant corset-style wedding dress was created by Joni Steinmann of Rainbow Curve Corsetry, a shop that offers custom corsets and couture wedding attire.

This dress proves that the bigger the tulle underlay, the better.

If you’re looking for something outside the traditional wedding dress style, color block is a great option—and you can go for whatever cut and colors you love most!