We can thank venues’ increasing rules against bubbles, confetti and rice for forcing couples to tap into their creative side and come up with other options for the send-off. The dramatic exit is one of most photographed events of the evening, and is no longer a small wedding detail. Check out our seven creative send-off ideas to use for your own special day, plus pros and cons of each.




The balloon release is one of the most photogenic of releases—there’s just something so pretty about an assortment of balloons being casted off into the breeze. We love the idea of attaching a note to the end, along with a contact email, instructing the person who finds it to email you its destination (and perhaps they’ll even give you their well wishes!).

Pros: Inexpensive and it’s completely customizable! Use your wedding color palette or heart-shaped balloons.

Cons: Not eco-friendly. Even though latex is biodegradable, animals can still mistake them for food.




A heavenly alternative to the traditional rose petals, who wouldn’t enjoy having the lovely  scent of lavender fill the air surround them? Not only does it smell delicious, but the look is absolutely dreamy.

Pros: Scent, beautiful and eco-friendly.

Cons: Could cause slips.




Traditionally used in Asian celebrations, sky lanterns are like mini hot air balloons and symbolize the release of problems and the starting of a new life. Because of their eco-friendly hazards, we would recommend using Wish Lantern, which makes a biodegradable version out of bamboo and rice paper.

Pros: Beautiful and symbolic.

Cons: Expensive and could be difficult for young guests to use, and best used in an open area (i.e. no trees, power lines, etc.).




Paper airplanes are an incredibly cute send-off idea and are inexpensive and easy to make (just ask any 10-year-old!).

Pros: Creative and inexpensive and can be customized with text and/or color.

Cons: Timely to construct and require clean-up afterwards.




A safer alternative to sparklers, glow sticks are increasing in popularity. Perfect for evening celebrations, guests can take them onto the dance floor after the send-off!

Pros: Inexpensive and safe.

Cons: Can only be used during evening/night weddings.




Ideal for a coastal celebration, beach balls make for a fun and dramatic exit. Opt for mini beach balls to cut costs (and space).

Pros: Creative, relatively inexpensive, color customizable, and can double as favors.

Cons: Popping possibility and could sting if you have a baseball player on your guest list.




Perfect for a fall wedding, leaves add a dose of seasonal charm to your exit and are completely free! Be sure to enlist your wedding party to pick fallen leaves the day before or morning of, as if they’re too dried out, they’ll crumble.

Pros: Unique and free.

Cons: Seasonal, clean-up afterwards.


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