My partner and I are planning a seriously bookish September wedding: We’ve got books on our arch, book flower bouquets and there are even tiny book replicas on my miniature top hat. You might say my mind is always on the best literary wedding items. If you’re throwing a library-themed wedding too and you’re looking for fun favors for guests, here are a few ideas.


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These notebooks will help remind your guests that it’s okay to put down their phones and actually handwrite their to-do list or journal their day’s thoughts.

Sappho candle

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Inspired by the poet Sappho, this Tenth Muse candle by Marvel + Moon makes a cute wedding favor if you want a light literary theme. It’s also pretty romantic so you might want to grab an extra for your honeymoon! You can also go for one of these bookish soy candles in a variety of literary-inspired scents from your favorite stories.

Literary tea seat

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It’s a stereotype, but it’s true—most book lovers also enjoy a good cup of tea! Serve these literary tea sets as super useful wedding favors so your guests can get into full introvert mode, go home, warm up some tea and read a good book. (You know they wanna.) Includes a variety of classic authors such as Jane Austen and William Shakespeare.

Mini library or book swap

This could be a great way to give away old books you don’t want (you can ask friends and family to pool their own extras they’re looking to get rid of too): Set up a free little library at your wedding for guests to take some home. You could also purchase the used books from a library or bookstore sale (many libraries and bookstores have warehouse sales where they give away a lot of books for cheap as they pare down their collections). Or you can ask guests who want to take part in a book swap to bring a book they don’t want, and everyone who brings one swaps.

Book magnets

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Your guests will love playing around with these, especially if they already have a collection of letters on their fridge. The magnets come in a variety of different novels, so you can pick your favorites.


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You know that hassle when you’re starting a new book and you can’t find a bookmark anywhere? Solve that problem for your guests with customized wedding bookmarks—they’re memorable and useful.

Personalized pens

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Have your guests write their own stories with customizable pens. Personalize them with details from your wedding or a favorite literary quote.


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Instead of giving away favors, invite your guests to donate! This is a sustainable alternative to wedding favors. You could ask for donations to a nonprofit such as Lambda Literary or We Need Diverse Books or ask your guests to donate books to a local library, prison or LGBTQ+ youth center.