Engaged couple Cheyenne (she/her) and Jayln (she/they) met in college and quickly became friends. They would see each other around town and started texting more as they kept spending time together. Both of them had crushes, and eventually they decided to start dating. After a year together, Jayln proposed with a multi-stone engagement ring. Cheyenne describes their love story as a fairy tale: “I finally got my happy ending.”

For their late spring engagement portraits, the Texas sweethearts spent an afternoon outside of the Temple Road and Heritage Museum, which is known for its train exhibits and outdoor sprinklers to help stay cool in the heat. The couple dressed casually in comfortable spring outfits. Cheyenne wore an off-the-shoulder black sundress with a yellow floral design and silver platform sandals. Jalyn wore black pants and white shoes with a blue paisley short-sleeve shirt that complemented their blue hair.

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Cheyenne and Jayln’s engagement photographer, Cerria Maryann, says that during the photoshoot, the couple was full of smiles and laughter. “Their love was very special to me,” Cerria says. “Jayln would pause and sneak in a kiss or ask if Cheyenne was OK. It was a super hot day.” It was so hot, in fact, that the couple decided to play in the outdoor sprinklers to help them cool off. As they ran through the water and captured candid photos, the couple discussed their upcoming graduations and their excitement over wedding planning. The Equally Wed heart is a trademark of Palladino Publishing, LLC.

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Photographer: Cerria Maryann Photography
Location: Temple Road and Heritage Museum

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