Wedding rings are the most visible symbol of engagement and marriage. They signify both the early excitement of planning the wedding to the satisfying calmer commitment to happily ever after. Circles have no end, echoing what we hope in marriage, and thus wedding rings are a gorgeous tribute to this belief system.

For same-sex couples, buying rings presents a specialized set of steps. To understand these better, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What type of wedding ring is right for you?
  • Do you want diamonds in your ring?
  • Do you want to design custom rings?
  • Who will be receiving an engagement ring? Both of you or just one?
  • Will you be buying the rings together or one at a time?
  • Do you want to shop together or separately for your engagement rings?
  • What type of wedding ring is right for you?
  • Do you want your wedding rings to match?


We teamed up with the jewelry experts at Ritani to take a look at the premium options available for today’s modern couples. Ritani is a high-end jewelry brand modernizing the way people purchase diamond engagement rings and jewelry.



Your preference for one or two engagement rings and how you’ll present them to each other is highly specialized. Look through our previous LGBTQ couples’ engagement and proposal stories for ideas on how they popped the question.



There are as many engagement ring designs as there are love sonnets, and Ritani is always working on creating more.

Some diamond shapes and settings to consider:

same-sex wedding rings
eternity rings

same-sex wedding rings
round cut diamonds

same-sex wedding rings
princess cut diamonds

cushion-shaped diamonds

same-sex wedding rings


same-sex wedding rings

stacking rings 
same-sex wedding rings bezel


Ritani makes buying wedding and engagement rings a seamless process. Ritani allows users to customize their own engagement rings and buy online or preview in store at retail partners across the nation. Plus, you can feel good about your diamonds. All diamonds that Ritani sells are certified and ethically sourced.


That’s up to you! No two people are alike, so you and your partner likely have different tastes. There is no reason that wedding or engagement rings have to match. Many couples instead choose two rings that have a common element that tie the pair together, but which suit their individual tastes.

Some ideas include:

  • The same engagement ring setting (for example, a halo engagement ring setting), but different variations of style or center stone shape
  • The same wedding band in two metals like rose gold and yellow gold
  • The same center stone, like a gemstone, but different engagement ring styles
  • For men’s rings, consider styles that share a finish, but with different styling elements such as differing thickness of bands or an inlay diamond pattern on one

same-sex wedding rings for men

On the other hand, matching is a great way to represent your union if you and your partner have similar tastes. Plus, it symbolizes a cohesive partnership. Imagine looking down at your ring, no matter where you are in the world, and knowing your partner is wearing the same ring to honor their commitment to you. A gorgeous testament.

There are endless possibilities here from simple and classic men or women’s matching metal bands, to diamond bands, to matching engagement rings.



Your love is eternal, so why not show it off with eternity rings? That’s what Jillian Michaels chose for herself and her partner, Heidi Rhoades. Michaels recently proposed to her longtime partner on the season finale of her show. In doing so, she actually presented two rings–one for herself which was a large platinum eternity band made of 17 half-cut emerald diamonds and one for Rhoades, a smaller 18-karat white gold eternity band to match a diamond ring she had previously given her.





Now this is a seriously cool idea that incorporates creativity and adds an element of surprise, even for the most strategic of planners who need to control everything. Ritani allows users to design their own engagement rings and then preview them in store for free without risk or obligation. Couples can both partake in designing each of the partner’s engagement rings, or can opt to specially design rings for each other as a surprise.

same-sex wedding rings

men’s wedding bands


Founded in 1999, Ritani marries the online shopping experience and a selection of custom-made diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine jewelry with a network of trusted local jewelers in one seamless transaction.

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