‘Ace of Cakes’ Star Duff Goldman gives sweet offer to lesbian couple denied service

The Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes executive pastry chef told the Huffington Post, “I saw this story and I was like, ‘Wait—I can do something, there’s injustice involving a cake!’”

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He has sent an offer to the brides to create the cake of their dreams, free of charge—a significant upgrade from Sweet Cakes’ creations.

“For a cake decorator to really feel like he really needed to take a stand … it just makes absolutely no sense. It’s petty, it’s small … this man has wrapped up his hatred in the cloak of religion,” adds Goldman.

Goldman has always been a supporter of same-sex marriage. “We don’t care about sexual orientation—it’s not like ‘Oh, yay, we’re making a cake for gay people!’ or ‘Oh. We’re making a cake for gay people.’ We’re just making a cake for people who love each other,” he told us in a previous interview.

Though the couple has not yet taken him up on his offer, he promises to personally deliver it to Oregon if they do. “I want to give them a big hug and say congratulations,” he said. “It involves cake, it involves love, marriage, all things I’m a big fan of.”