Brows are the ultimate eye enhancers, framing the face and setting up your overall look, so it’s smart for a bride or groom to splurge for scultping by a professional. An ancient technique from the Far East, threading has become the hottest trend in hair removal stateside. The 100 percent natural, non-abrasive practice is particularly favored for eyebrow shaping. Using cotton thread and lightning fast hands, threaders twist the thread into a loop and entwine each individual hair, removing it from the root.


“It is the only way to make sure you will have the perfect brow with zero irritation. Your brows will look absolutely flawless on the day of your wedding,” says Natashah Torki, brand manager for Beauty by Dolly, San Diego’s first threading salon. She also recommends threading on the face, removing any peach fuzz so makeup can go on smoothly.

Comparative to tweezers in terms of pain, threading does zero damage to the skin, and leaves you with perfectly manicured brows. “When you get your brows threaded and refrain from any sort of tweezing, you will notice you get a clean look every time you get your brows done,” says Torki. The meticulous process allows you to go two to three weeks between sessions.