gay-honeymoons-puerto-ricoReader Question:  I’m having a civil partnership in May 2013. My girlfriend and I have started to look around at honeymoon ideas. We both know there are a lot of homophobic countries to avoid. However, the problem we are having, there are lots of companies that want to “cash in” on the whole gay wedding idea, sending couples to any old regular resorts. As a lesbian couple we aren’t interested in a destination that has a massive gay scene, which tends to be aimed at men. However, we equally don’t want to be the only gay couple booked into a hotel filled with straight honeymoon couples! Do you know of anywhere that is: A) good weather in June and B) We are in a resort with other gay men and women, ideally in the majority but doesn’t have to be exclusive.

Editor Answer: You’re on your honeymoon so you absolutely should be able to relish in your newlywed bliss everywhere you go! Unfortunately, not all countries are accepting of gays and lesbians, and without doing research, you could end up getting the evil eye (or worse!) just for sharing a kiss with your beloved in public.

First, I would recommend reading our top 10 places to avoid for honeymoons to rule out the worst locales for same-sex couples.

Next, browse our travel section, which features a multitude of destinations, all of which a member of our team has personally visited and vouched for its LGBT-friendliness. While it’s tough to say exactly how many fellow honeymooners will be same-sex, you’ll certainly be able to express your love and receive a sincere, congratulatory welcome at these hotspots.

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