bye-june-shades-of-purple-gay-marriage-videoBye June, a band out of Washington D.C., recently released their first heavily anticipated music video “Shades of Purple” from their “My Life is an Independent Film” album. The lyrics hit a chord with marriage equality, with lines such as He looked for a happy ending | He dreamt of wedding bells |They tried to act on their feelings | But the state just turned them away.

“We asked our fans to choose a track for a music video, and they voted online for this song. I am very pleased, since this song has deep meaning and an important social message,” guitarist Gil Kline said in a recent interview with

“Shades of Purple” is the first pop music video to employ the ancient of art shadowgraphy, or hand shadows. Collaborating with world-renowned shadowgrapher Sati Achath, they created a stunningly beautiful project that sends an even stronger message.

Check out the video: