Thomas and Nick’s love story began when the couple met online and agreed to meet for their first date at Joe’s Italian Ice in Anaheim, California. Opposites attract as quiet, laid back Nick and chatty, outgoing Thomas began to hit it off after not being sure what to expect based on their online dating profiles (Thomas thought that Nick came off a bit boring in his profile). The couple’s first date lasted six hours as they at their Italian ice and sat on the bed of Nick’s truck talking.

After a few years of dating the conversation of being ready for marriage came up as Thomas mentioned it to Nick, hinting that he was ready to pop the question. Nick immediately shut Thomas down, giving off the impression that he wasn’t ready for that next step. Instead, it was because Nick had plans up his own sleeve and wanted to be the one to propose to Thomas.

A few weeks later Nick told Thomas that he wanted to take him to dinner in Laguna Beach and asked him to dress nicely. Thomas agreed and they headed out to the gorgeous Monarch Beach resort for a date night! They had a beautiful and intimate dinner overlooking the ocean and then came the bill. Now is where the fun began – as the waiter began to take the credit card he looked at Nick and asked him if he would like to bill the dinner to his room. Stunned and not knowing what to say, Nick said I am not sure what you are talking about but I do not have a room here.

The waiter looked puzzled but said ok and took the payment. Nick nervously looked at his watch as it was getting late and the sun was about to go down. Unbeknownst to Thomas, all of their friends were feverishly waiting outside in the bushes on the resort’s stunning ocean view terrace for Thomas and Nick to come out so that they could catch the proposal on film! The boys walked out onto the terrace and Nick then got down on one knee and asked his beloved to marry him! Thomas was in SHOCK, and it was then that all of their friends popped out like an army attack and started shooting away to capture the moment!!

Thomas was THRILLED and the boys decided to walk the grounds for a while and take in the sites before leaving – it was then that Nick let Thomas know that he had actually packed a bag with all of Thomas’ essentials, and informed him that they had a room at the resort for the weekend and would be staying there for the next few days.

For their engagement session they wanted to go back to where it all began – Joe’s Italian Ice.  The couple hopped in Nick’s  1964 Cadillac and headed out for an engagement session adventure.


Photo via California Italian ice engagement session
Photo via California Italian ice engagement session



Photography: Chrissy Gilmartin Photography