Your queer friends are getting married this summer, and they requested that you wear something colorful. And I’m not talking adding a little purple corsage and calling it a day. I’m talking full-on yellow pants, orange blazers, and blueberry blue dresses. Here are some examples for ways to tastefully explore a colorful ensemble.



This outfit basically changed my whole perception of what’s “too much.” The contrasting blue checked shirt offsets the bright solid colors, and the paisley pocket square detail to adds a little focus.



This sky blue dress is the perfect way to show your excitement from the sidelines. How Blueberry Kind Dress, available at Modcloth for $52.99.



There are so many dress shoes that go beyond black and brown, and these even have some brogue-like designs on the toes. Milano lace up shoe by Fratelli Rossetti for $400.



The red of this suit is a deep red, so not too harsh on the eyes.



Gant Rugger has some fabulous colorful plaid shirts. What better way to wear the sunset? Pair it with a white blazer to class it up. Sunset Madras Button Down available at Unionmade for $81.



These bright patent leather belts would be perfect for wearing around the waist of a dress. Available at J.Crew for $24.99.