Country singer Brooke Eden and longtime girlfriend, radio promoter Hilary Hoover, have been celebrating their recent engagement all over the Internet.

In addition to swoon-worthy Instagram posts, the couple did an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, in which they discussed how each pulled off a surprise proposal for the other, as well as why it was important to them that they each propose

The proposal bonanza began on May 13, when Hoover woke Eden with a greeting card that said she was whisking her off on a surprise adventure.

Eden had a feeling a proposal was coming as they headed from their home in Nashville to Sedona, Arizona.

Unfortunately, their luggage was left behind, but luckily they had their swimsuits. So, instead of Hoover’s original proposal plan, which involved the clothes she had packed, she opted for the private pool at their hotel.

The couple began swimming at sunset. After giving Eden greeting cards all day, Hoover presented the final one. It read: “I’ve been giving you cards all day long because I knew I wouldn’t have the words to say, so I guess this would be the time to ask, will you be my wife?”

“It was perfect,” Eden told PEOPLE.


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Hoover gave Eden four stacked rings. Later, Eden would give Hoover a stack of five.

“You can change them out or reorder them,” Eden said. “We just thought they were so fun.”

Little did Hoover know, Eden had already planned a proposal for Hoover for the following weekend.

Back in Nashville, Eden told Hoover to get dressed up for a PEOPLE interview about the engagement. The interview would allegedly take place on the rooftop terrace of the Virgin Hotel on Music Row.

When they arrived at the rooftop, Eden got down on one knee, and the couple’s dog, Dolly, appeared with five rings attached to her collar.


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Following the second proposal, the couple’s friends and family appeared for a surprise engagement party.

“Her whole family is vaccinated. All of our friends are vaccinated. We’re vaccinated. So it was like, let’s go!” Eden said.

Eden has only recently become open about her sexuality, as she feared the country music scene would reject her. However, being in the closet was simply too hard, and Eden has since become a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Her song, Got No Choice, is all about loving who you are. The video stars both her and Hoover.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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