dermatologist-dina-strachanDandruff. Not exactly the sexiest of subjects, but the embarrassing white flakes can be quite the nuisance, especially during the dry winter months. Dandruff is actually a form of eczema, a pesty yeast that causes the skin to shed the affected cells and is extremely common, with one in three people having experienced dandruff symptoms. To make sure the only flakes you see during your winter wedding are ones that are falling from the sky, we talked to board-certified New York City dermatologist Dr. Dina Strachan.

“Dandruff is caused by yeast that feed on the oil and skin cells,” explains Strachan. She recommends shampooing at least once a week with products containing selenium sulfide. “It’s a chronic condition that comes and goes,” she says. “Just change up your routine when it flares up.” She also notes trying probiotics. “In a small Swiss study, men with seborrheic dermatitis (of which dandruff is a form) who ate yogurt had fewer flare-ups than those who did not.”

Give yourself approximately two weeks to treat the issue. If the problem persists, talk to your dermatologist. For dandruff-hiding wedding day hairstyles, avoid severe parts and add volume at the crown.

Dr. Strachan’s Recommended Products:

  1. Effective Selenium sulfide shampoos include Selsun Blue and Head and Shoulders. Use at least once a week to treat the condition. Available at nationwide for $8.99.
  2. Because dandruff can affect other areas (eyebrows, around the nose and in the ears), use soaps containing zinc pyrithione such as ZNP soap. Available at Amazon for $12.
  3. Tea tree oil shampoo ideal for mild cases because it’s less drying to the hair. Strachan recommends Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Calming shampoo and conditioner. Available at for $9.29.
  4. For more extreme cases, try using prescription antifungal shampoos such as Loprox or a topical barrier cream such as Promiseb.