Gorgeous red, yellow and green apples are being harvested, and I know I would love to be a teacher and find one on my desk. Actually, forget the desk—I want an endless supply. Not only are apples bright and beautiful, they’re tasty. If you’re considering a fall wedding, don’t miss out on these great ways to include apples in your reception (besides handing them out as party favors).


One Wed features a cute DIY tutorial on making name placement cards and table numbers with fresh apples. After the party is over guests can take them home, leaving less for you to clean up. Is there a better way to be eco-friendly and healthy at the same time?



Apples and fall can’t be mentioned without delicious thoughts of caramel following swiftly behind. Take the beloved fair treat and add a bit of wedding spice for the newly wedding couples. These groom/groom and bride/bride treats by Chocolate Covered Company ($59.95-$159.95 for 6-24 pieces) are perfect for the guests too, if you think you can give ‘em up.


These candle holders created from apples are to die for—I can almost smell the fresh apples now. Set them as centerpieces or subtly around the room for mood lighting. Plus, since you’ll be selecting the apples, the size and color can easily be tailored to fit your personal flare.



A tower of apples or a vase full of apples is a nice balance of nature and class. Although beautiful on its own, put a ribbon or another small decoration with the apple tower to complete a more detailed look.



If you’re not thrilled about a Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. sign, try apples instead. They’re perfect for backs of chairs or in doorways. Keep all the apples the same color for a consistent look, or change it up by mixing-and-matching. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit on the big day.

Photo: onewed.com; budgetbridesguide.com;theweddingcommunityblog.com; bride2be.tumblr.com