She popped the question, you said “Yes!” and now you’re officially engaged. Congratulations! But before you fall into full wedding planning mode, there are a few things you need to conquer. Now tear your eyes away from that rock and get to work!



Call Your Loved Ones: Phone those nearest and dearest to you to announce your exciting news (i.e. don’t let Grandma find out over a Facebook relationship update).

circle_2 Get Your Ring Sized: You’ll be showing off your sparkling stunner almost immediately, so be sure it fits so it doesn’t fly off as you’re showing it off. Don’t worry, you’ll likely only have to part with it for a few hours.
circle_3 Get Your Ring Insured: If it wasn’t done so when your partner purchased it, be sure you get your engagement ring/band insured as soon as possible. The easiest option is to add it onto your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. This may require an official appraisal, so call a recommended insurance broker to see what paperwork needs to be provided.
circle_4 Set a Date: It doesn’t have to be the date, but the automatic response to hearing someone is engaged is, “So when’s the big day?” Discuss with your partner beforehand the desired year and season so you have something to say when you’re bombarded with questions. If you truly have no idea, come up with a to-the-point (but joyful!) answer such as, “We’re just living in the moment and enjoying being engaged right now! We plan on figuring out the details once we come down from Cloud Nine.”
circle_5 Daydream: If you haven’t been daydreaming about your wedding, now’s the time to start. You don’t have to decide between roses or peonies just yet, but get an idea if you are a more modern couple, or prefer a rustic chic soiree. Browse our Real Weddings section for inspiration!