FOR: The tech-loving parent

Have a tech-loving parent? We’re basically obsessed with Amazon Echo, which gives users the ability to control smart home devices, listen to music, read the news, set alarms, research information on just about anything and so much more–all by just using your voice. Amazon Echo is $179.99 and available at

wedding registry gifts Amazon Echo

FOR: The family

Fathers’ Day is really an opportunity to give your parent or co-parent something you want to enjoy, right? So get them a Nucleus, which is an an Alexa-enabled home intercom device that is designed to be simple and intuitive so that anyone, at any age, can use it–from grandparents to kids–just tap the device you want to connect with and you’re there, instantly. It’s also voice-enabled with Alexa Voice technology, so you can stream music, add items to a grocery list, check the weather and so much more, just by asking. Headed out on your honeymoon soon? Use this to stay in touch with your home/pet/baby sitters​ via the app​! Nucleus retails at $199 and can be purchased in Lowes stores across the country, on, or



FOR: The dad who loves to grill

Looking for the perfect gift for the griller in your family? Look no further than the Architec Acacia Concave Carving Board. Available for just $33.75 (that includes shipping) from QVC. And who doesn’t love the guilty please of watching a QVC infomercial demonstration now and then?

According to QVC, “The concave center of this acacia cutting board from Architec will keep your meats moist and more. The slight dip is there to keep juices flowing to the middle instead of running off the board–making it the perfect place to rest and cut your meat after roasting or grilling.”

Bonus: this will totally benefit you too, come family dinner night.

Architec cutting board

FOR: The loved one who writes everything down

From listmakers to notetakers to writers, there’s nothing quite like getting a new notebook to write in. Rocketbook Wave, the reusable notebook, is perfect for those who fill up pages fast, but don’t want stacks of paper lying around. You can write with a pen and then erase it…in the microwave! Better yet, for those who still haven’t pledged their allegiance is to an on-paper style or a digital one, the Rocketbook provides both solutions. Scribble your thoughts down on paper, take a photo of them using the Rocketbook app, then blastoff, your notes are in the cloud for you to access whenever you want. Despite sounding like technology form the future, it won’t break your bank. The original Rocketbook (cloud compatible but is not microwave reusable) is only $13. The Rocketbook Wave (cloud compatible and can be microwaved up to 5 times) is $27 and the Rocketbook Everlast, (cloud compatible and infinitely microwaveable) is $34. You can shop this amazing notebook on


FOR: The pop-pop who likes to look good

It’s no secret that subscription services seem to be all the rage these days. And what’s even better is they are available for items we buy monthly anyway, such as shaving supplies! A membership to the Dollar Shave Club will hook grandpa up with everything he needs to keep up with his shaving needs. You choose a razor – twin blade, 4-blade or 6-blade. After that, the appropriate blades show right up at your door each month for only $3, $6 or $9. The best part is, you set it to meet your schedule, making it the perfect gift those who like a stubble-free chin or a permanent 5 o’clock shadow.

Dollar Shave Club



FOR: Everyone

Whether you can’t decide what to buy or are on a time constraint, purchase tickets to an event that dad would love, like a concert or sporting event. Not only can you print it out right away from your computer, but you will also be giving your loved one an experiences that will most likely be shared with you (though remind them they can take anyone they choose).